Our approach is wide-ranging. We activate formats and topics to promote belonging and exchange.

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Brand Cosmos – Method

The Brand Cosmos represents the most relevant and sustainable fields of interest and action. The fields consist of both the performance experience (product, service, etc.) and the community experience. What kind of fields these are depends on which social trends and developments a brand or a company wants to position itself in. The community experience is based on the narrative that creates a sense of belonging.

This is where the future KPIs apply: loyalty, recommendations, positive reviews, defence, co-creation and open-innovation.

The foundation for this is set up in the Brand Cosmos.

Community Roadmap

A community roadmap is a guiding concept focusing on all topics and activities related to the community. It also documents developments and milestones - the community roadmap can also be used retrospectively as a marker for membership development.

A community-oriented future: 6 theses

1. We are at a crucial stage for the growth of the community industry.
2. Structure and function of community teams continue to evolve.
3. Community teams are more empowered than ever, but there’s still plenty room for growth.
4. Cross-functional collaborations provide even greater space for growth.
5. The future of business is communicating beyond the value proposition.
6. Companies without a high degree of belonging will vanish in the coming years.

Community Driven

Community-driven or community-led brands are in constant dialogue with their community to realize their joint vision. In this way, products are designed both along the material needs of the community as well as along the common goal of sustainable and social change.

Community Impact

On the one hand community impact describes the community- and sustainability-centered process of developing products or business fields to create changes and on the other hand results of these processes. [customer centered]

Bonding Humans: Community Building in the Metaverse

This article is primarily aimed at executives and managers from medium-sized and large companies who want to take the next step in the metaverse. Bonding Humans is part of the series "Metavision 101" by the digital agency FLUUR and was written in collaboration with Till Beutling and Mirja Schwartz.



What is a real Community?

Community describes a group of people who feel connected to an organization beyond the product or service. This connection is defined by a shared vision of the future and shared values. Compared to the traditional buyer group (old structure), the community has a need to create and grow together with the organization.

Building community: Not "nice-to-have," but a central parameter for resilience.

What impact will companies have on us and we on them in the future? And the most important question: What added value can companies offer beyond the product? According to one study, eight out of ten Germans see social impact as the purchasing criteria of the future.

Community Spaces

Communities need spaces to localize and network. These spaces can be both physical and digital. What is important is their character. Community spaces must be safe places for communication and community interaction. It also requires a low inhibition threshold to enter these spaces in order to create the opportunity for interested parties and observers to become part of the community.



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